Capturing the spirit of 2013 Celebraciones de la Gente

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From the creation of family altars, and a last-minute courtyard wide Oaxaca-style cemetery scene, to the moving closing ceremonies including the blessing of the altars, members of the Museum of Northern Arizona and the public enjoyed the three-day celebration of Hispanic heritage, art and culture at the 10th anniversary of Celebraciones de la Gente, presented Oct. 25-27, 2013 by the museum and Flagstaff Nuestras Raíces.


About flagstaffnuestrasraices

Flagstaff Nuestras Raíces is dedicated to promoting Hispanic culture and history through events, gatherings, the performing and visual arts. To further this purpose the Flagstaff Nuestras Raíces draws on the Arizona Hispanic family stories, history, traditions and talents as tools for cultural transmission. For more information, send an email to
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