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Preserving Hispanic history

Jesus Contreras in front of his Jalisco market on South O'Leary Street in Flagstaff. Courtesy image.
Jesus Contreras in front of his Jalisco market on South O’Leary Street in Flagstaff. Courtesy image.

Just the other day someone mentioned that a home had been demolished on Butler Avenue near Aspen Place at The Saw Mill in Flagstaff. The home apparently belonged to an individual who worked at the old saw mill and then spent his off-hours constructing his American Dream home.

Today, all you see are skiploaders and other earth movers preparing the property for another home project. So who owned the original home? What is the history behind the story?

In this section we hope to answer those questions, provide photos, links oral histories and other resources to preserve the rich heritage of the Hispanic community in Flagstaff and elsewhere in Northern Arizona.

Do you know who owned that home near the Sawmill? Please send us a note at We will also do a bit of history research to round out the story.

Speaking of stories, be sure to visit “Los Recuerdos del Barrio en Flagstaff,” which highlights the memories and life stories of Flagstaff’s Spanish, Basque, Mexican and Mexican-American community. The information is presented by the Cline Library’s Colorado Plateau Archives at Northern Arizona University. You can click here to review the section’s digitized collection of Hispanic heritage in the region, including photographs and oral histories, many conducted by Flagstaff Nuestras Raíces-own Delia Munoz.

Also, click here to visit the story of Carlos Trujillo that has been rescued and is being preserved by NAU.

Click here for a photograph and some details on Jessie Jimenez Alonzo who worked for the Navajo Army Depot in Bellmont during World War II.

Do you have some Hispanic family history to share, photos, videos, a family history website? Please send us some information at Please send us a note at so we can put you in contact with the appropriate person or organization.